Guide to Buying The Best Countertop Convection Microwave

Having a microwave is a part of modern lives nowadays. When everyone seems to prefer indulgence, a microwave is the handy for making tasty, healthy cooked meal in seconds only. Many manufacturers are racing to market their latest models in your house appliance market. With this quantity of possibilities, choosing which is the foremost for all of us can be hard. Therefore, keep reading our guide to buying the best microwave for under $100.

How much is your microwave budget?

It is important to know first how much money you wish to spare so that you can purchase the best microwave. As a general guide there are many great microwave ovens under $100. Although prices varies with the features offered. So, do you have your budget allowance decided? If you do, you can start going for the electronic store or going around the internet to authorized online stores.

What is the main purpose for your microwave?

Main intentions of people in utilizing microwave might be varies, with regards to the personal need. Some might use it to simply defrost stuff, starting to
warm up prepared meals, or do real cooking. When you can say for several what your intention while using microwave is, then you will also know very well what will be the most critical features that you might want within the microwave.

How much power can you expect the microwave to have?

You need to comprehend the power supplied by different microwave models might be varies, including 600 around 1300 watts. When you have an even more power, which means that you can cook faster along with your microwave. For standard recipes, 800 watt models will probably be sufficient.

Which size?

One thing that may enable you to to reply to the question may be the microwave safe cookware. You need to be sure that your microwave cookware goes inside the microwave later. Otherwise, it will probably be a waste and you also need to buy other microwave cookware that fulfill the microwave size.

How important is convection with a countertop microwave?

It is certainly vital. Convection means the environment circulation inside the microwave that may result within the food evenly tanned. Therefore, with convection feature, cooking in microwave would really undergo 2 processes, which are microwave itself and the environment circulation. The food will taste excellent as well as the process is instant if you cook using a countertop convection microwave.

After all, it may seem what else that you need to acknowledge before perform the purchasing? Well, here are some more tips:

  1. Do not waste money over that you just believe will not be ideal for you.
  2. A stainless steel microwave is preferred because it is better to cleanup.
  3. Before purchasing, check and be sure the countertop convection microwave offers a turntable for evenly cooking result.
  4. When you have kids at your fingertips, your microwave must have an automobile off feature for just about any safety reason.

Here are a few pointers that you can help you when purchasing a countertop microwave. You can now start looking for the best oven for your kitchen.

Mini Hidden Camera Review

enKo Products 4 in 1 Mini Hidden Camera Review

enko hidden small spy cameraProduct name and details

• enKo Products 4 in 1 Mini Hidden Camera, clock, radio, and speaker with built in LC monitor and infrared Night Vision for home Security.

• Costs around $80.00 alone with no add features

• Add a 16 GB micro SD card for around $85.00

• Add a 32 GB micro SD card for around f$95.00

• Mini Camera plus motion sensitive camera and 32GB micro SD card for around $125.00

• Just the motion sensitive camera for around $95.00

• Extra products are available from the same webs site

• 10.4 ounces in shipping weight

General features

• Supports Micro SD Cards up to 32 GB

• Portable

• Very easy to place ( no complicated hook up)

• Plays Music and videos with no computer needed

• Has a FM radio built in

• Built in picture browser

• Infrared Night Vision with a distance of approximately six to nine feet

• Ability to record all day

• High Quality video compression for easy storage on SD card

• Long term storage internally with video looping ability

• External Power Supply with adapter (110v – 240v) for continuous recording

• Set for Automatic or Manual record modes

• Has a built in LCD screen for viewing video or photos.

• Plays MP3 and MP4 files.

• Automatically places time and date stamp on all videos

• ONLY plays audio does NOT record audio

• 32 GB Micro SD gives 32 days of recording

• Small and compact hard for those being recording to notice

spy camera

Customer Reviews

Mixed feelings from customers, however the vast majority love he product. Amazon has a four star overall customer review of this product. Overall selling rank in the Camera and Photo category of 3,363. Amazon does not list a return rate, however at least three customers report returning the product in their reviews. For more reviews also check out

Practical uses for a Hidden Camera

Camera is designed to be hidden and low profile. Suggested use is for home security however there are other practical and probable uses for this camera.

• Nanny cam: Use to see what is going on with children when parents are not home. Great from children left alone but also to watch a baby sitter.

• Home security: Use in places like Kitchen, bedrooms, and other places where traditional security cameras do not cover.

• Office security: Use on office desk for added security in the office. Couple with the motion sensing camera for optimal use.

• In home Personal Safety: Place close and set to record when an unwanted guest or sketchy person is around for personal safety. Does NOT record sound but will record great video of events.

• Home decoration: Use only the clock, radio and or speaker functions for a beautiful addition to any room in the home, with the added piece of mind if the camera is needed.

Product is not marketed or suggested for use in criminal activity. Persons should not be recorded without their knowledge in some situations where privacy is to be naturally assumed.

Great product overall, a must buy item if looking to buy a small spy camera.